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Sports Club 24
Sports Club 24

Sports Club 24

Sports Club 24 is a international club, that offers a wide variety of sports activities for kids and adults. Sports facilities of Warszawianka and unique training methods make it possible to meet the needs of every client, and give sheer pleasure of the sport. We offer activities not only for Polish, but also foreign community, conducting classes in English.

The club was founded in the late 90‘s in Warsaw, transforming gradually, to offer activities under the name Sports Club 24 this year. Our strength is professionalism and experience. Moreover our trainers consist of qualified Native Speakers, that give opportunities to exercise English.

Sports Club 24 offers unique sports camps, which take place during school breaks in English Schools. These stationary camps are held in beautiful location of Warszawianka in mokot贸w.



Stationary Camps in Warsaw

Sportsclub24 invites to take place in stationary Camps in Warsaw.

Book your place to take part in sports camps as number of participants is limited.

To book terms send mail or call.

Exact dates are shown on picture bewlow.

For more information go to sport camps on www

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